Introducing the fitness component of Dose of Dana! I pretty much workout so I can eat whatever I want… Just kidding!????? No but actually, working out is my stress reliever. Having a great workout is like taking a valium, makes you feel AMAZING but you don’t have to worry about becoming a drug addict and the only side effect is looking good as sh*t. It’s the best cure to a bad or stressful day, there’s nothing a good workout sesh can’t do. Currently, I’m on the path to becoming a certified personal trainer and I want to share with you the workouts that I do myself for toning and getting in the best shape possible. I fell in love with working out when I first went away to college as a way to keep healthy, avoid the freshman 15 and maintain my stress levels associated with school work. I started out slow and easy but since then I’ve gotten more advanced and started making up my own workouts, circuits, and exercise routines that I want to share with you guys! Every time I go to the gym someone is either asking me how to do a certain workout or telling me to become a personal trainer. I’m taking the advice I have received and decided to share with you guys exactly what I do when I go to the gym by blogging it all here! I’m just giving the people what they want! My workouts consist of HIIT cardio, arms/back, abs, and my personal favorite, legs! Who doesn’t want a JLO booty, or should I say Nicki Minaj minus the surgery. I will share the workouts I do each day, what weights I suggest, tips for toning and growing ya booty, how to get and stay in great shape, and the workout clothes I wear! Keep an eye out for my first post, coming soon ;).