New Fitness Journey

I want to introduce my new personal fitness journey :). To start I wanted to let you all know I am switching up my workout routine, mostly my leg workouts. I haven’t changed my leg workout routine, other than doing new exercises in four years (aka ever). I have always had the focus of lifting heavy weights for about 8-15 reps depending on the movement. I worked on building muscle but I’ve come to the point where I want to try something new. I will be changing from high weight low rep to low weights high rep (just for my leg workouts) While this isn’t a new concept, it’s new for me and my body. I am implementing this workout routine in hopes of toning my legs and getting some more definition in my quads, hamstrings, calves etc. Everyone’s bodies are different and I’m not even sure how much of a difference this change will make but I am willing to try! I will be taking progress pictures each month to see if I notice anything and will be sure to keep you all updated. I have noticed that I am already burning more calories at the gym, mostly due to an elevated heart rate and lots of super setting.


My plan went from skinny to strong, to strong but still strong and add some muscle definition (say that 10 times fast)! I grew up with chicken legs, I had no virtually no leg muscle and my calves were so skinny that my ankles were the same size…aka I had cankles, no shame! I came to college and was terrified of gaining the freshman 15 so I started working out. Slowly but surely I fell in love with working out and transitioned from cardio only to weight lifting. Ever since then I wanted have had the same intention of lifting heavy (not super heavy) but enough, and increasing my weight every so often to get stronger. I have never had much muscle definition in my legs, unlike my arms which get defined really easy, guess I can’t have the best of both worlds, rude. I have always loved my body and am not changing my fitness plan because I am unhappy I just want to try something new and see how, or if, it makes an impact on my physique. If you have tried the low weight high rep style how did it work for you? I would love to hear your opinions in the comment section!


I made a new workout plan for myself, with the help of lots of research. I am no professional so I do not want to give advice to people, but I just do what’s right for me. Every day is different, I like to try new workouts I see online or make up my own. I also just make up my daily workout as I go along so I usually don’t even know what I’m doing until I get to the gym, see what machines are available and ultimately listen to how my body feels that day. Somedays I do a ton of different things because I have lots of time and I’m in the mood to work off some stress, other days it’s a short workout because I’m in a rush or my muscles are already sore. It really depends! Since the initial implementation of my new workout plan, I have been doing a set schedule every week but switching up the exercises I do. I alternate between 2 weekly schedules, one focuses more on hiit cardio/total body and the other focuses mostly on legs. Take a look at my weekly workout schedule below!

My Workout Schedule:

Week 1:

  • Monday: HIIT Weighted Cardio Circuits or Treadmill Intervals & Stairstepper
    • Basically, high-intensity cardio day, either using the cardio machines or making up my own circuit + low weights.
    • 45 minutes to 1 hour
  • Tuesday: Spin! I am OBSESSED with spin, I could do it every day but my this is the only class/teacher I like that fits into my schedule.
    • Side note: I am looking to get Spin/Cycle certified this summer, so excited for my next journey and will keep you all updated when that time comes 🙂
    • 1 hour
  • Wednesday: Leg Day
    • Low weight high reps
    • 45 minutes to 1 hour
  • Thursday: Arms, Back & Abs
    • 45 minutes
  • Friday: Total Body Weights or Weighted HIIT
    • 45 minutes to 1 hour
    • A little bit of everything depending on what muscles are sore
  • Saturday: Active Rest or Yoga
  • Sunday: Active Rest or Total Body Weights

Week 2:

  • Monday: Leg Day
    • Low weight high reps
    • 45 minutes to 1 hour
  • Tuesday: Spin (same ol’ same ol’)
    • 1 hour
  • Wednesday: Active Rest
    • Yoga is great for active rest!
  • Thursday: Leg Day
    • Same as Monday but switch up the exercise combos
  •  Friday: Arms, Back & Abs
    • 45 minutes
  • Saturday: Active Rest or Yoga
  • Sunday: Weighted HIIT Cardio
    • 45 minutes

That’s my bi-weekly routine! I am going to be taking progress pictures each month and updating you if I see any improvements. I have never taken progress pictures before, it feels so weird but I’ll get over it. If after a couple of months nothing appears to change I will most likely change up my weekly workout schedule to incorporate at least one day of heavyweight, mid rep back into my life. It’s only been a couple weeks and I already miss my old ways, there’s nothing like reaching a new record! Wish me luck!

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