Full Body Day!

I know I usually only show you guys my Leg of HIIT workouts but I do arms/back I promise! I dedicate only one day a week to doing arms, back, and ab workouts specifically because they are usually individually incorporated into my other workouts throughout the week! Also, because my arms used to be literal toothpicks before I started working out they get defined easily so I stick to using lighter weights. This specific workout was for full body, so while it mostly focused on arms, I did throw in some combo movements to burn more calories and kill two birds with one stone.

Let me start by saying I’m a huge fan of tricep and back movements but I do throw in some biceps and shoulders I just don’t focus on them as heavily or as frequently as I do back/tris. The trick for getting defined arms is using light weights and high reps but also working all parts of your arms. From biceps to shoulders to triceps and even forearms if you want nice, defined and skinny arms that’s the way to do it. Back movements are the same thing, working your back burns fat and nicely tones you up so you look great in and out of bikini season!

While arm workouts alone won’t burn as many calories as you would on leg day, creating combo movements of legs and arms will help you burn more! In order to get even more out of this workout, I like to warm up with a 5-minute incline walk-5 minute run on the treadmill or 10-minute interval workout on the stair stepper. That way you’ll warm up your muscles, increase your heart rate and be ready for a great full body workout!

In video order:

  1. *Not in video* Warmup: 5-minute incline walk-5 minute run on Treadmill or 10-minute interval training stair stepper
  2. Barbell Shoulder Raises: 4 sets of 10. Lightweight preweighted barbell.
    • Superset with: Forearm Inverse Grip Bicep Curls: 4 sets of 10, same weighted barbell as above movement!
    • Superset with: Standing Skull Crushers: 4 sets of 10. Same weighted barbell as previous movements.
  3. Lunges with Bicep Curl Combo: 4 sets of 20 lightweight dumbbells. Bicep curl when in lunge position and release when upright.
  4. Mid Range Cable Back Row: 4 sets of 10-15 lightweight. Focus on squeezing your elbows together behind your back. (I have noooooo idea what to call these I think I either made up this workout or someone taught me it but just watch the video if you have no clue what I mean).
    • Superset with: Cable Assist Pistol Squat: 4 sets of 10 on each leg. Use rope attachment and decrease by  5 pounds on each set to make it more of a challenge.
  5. Tricep Cable Pull Downs: 4 sets of 10 lighter weight using the shorter straight bar attachment.
    • Superset with: Straight Arm Pull Downs: 4 sets of 10 use same weight (or slightly heavier) and same attachment as before movement.
  6. Not shown in video: Weighted side bends and planks

If you need me I’ll be in the gym and eating healthy for the next two weeks before Spring Break because I ate my weight in fried food at the fair this weekend! No guilt, no shame, just pain during my Monday morning workout ;). Have fun! Let me know if you enjoyed this workout and subscribe to get your daily Dose of Dana!

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