HIIT Workout Resolutions

If you’re still feeling the guilt from the holiday season binge sesh then this workout is for you! If you’re like me you really cheated on your healthy eating habits this holiday season. I’m about to get alllllll philosophical in this bish!

I think the New Year is a great time to start resolutions but there’s no need to try and be a completely different person or use it as an excuse to overhaul your habits. You should want to become the best version of yourself every day of the year, but if you are starting now then good for you! I hope you find endless motivation and willpower throughout the rest of your fitness journey and life! Don’t let yourself get discouraged by minor setbacks in your diet (I hate that word because it always has a negative connotation but when I say diet I mean general day to day eating) or fitness regime. As I say to my mom ALL THE TIME “One day of healthy eating does not mean you’re a fitness model, and one day of bad eating doesn’t mean you’re going to get fat” who knew I’d be the one giving my mother a pep talk. *If you’re reading this mom, which you better be, love you lots hope you’re kicking booty in the gym!* 

Anyways I love love love HIIT circuit workouts. They are short blasts of intense movements that get ya blood pumpin, ya heart thumpin, and ya body jumpin. HIIT is great on its own but when you add weights it’s even better. This workout seriously kicked my A$$. I was at the gym this day mostly to film this workout because I only get a couple chances a month to film my workouts, and I sweat A LOT. Adding weights to these cardio movements makes you burn even more calories while also burning fat and building muscle, talk about a win-win. All of the weight I used was relatively light because the cardio intervals are pretty intense on their own so you don’t want to overexert yourself with weights that are too heavy. Opt for lower weights and more reps/time per interval. So if you want a kick-ass HIIT-Weight circuit to try for your next workout then watch the video below!

In video order:

  1. Burpees with Dumbbell Overhead Shoulder Press: 4 sets of 10. Light weight dumbbells.
    • Superset with: Resistance Band Squat Walks: 4 sets of 10-15 medium weight-weight plate. Squat lower into each movement and stay in squatted position entire time. Heavy resistance band.
  2. Jump Squat with Shoulder Press: 4 sets of 10-15 lightweight-weight plate. Lift weight plate overhead when standing and bring in front of you when squatting. I used a heavy resistance band to keep my knees in tight.
    • Superset with: Walking Lunges and Dumbbell Row and Leg Kickback: 4 sets of 10-16. Lightweight. Arms down on your side when lunging, kick leg back and row. Back leg in lunge is the one that lifts up!
  3. Standing Weighted Mountain Climbers: 4 sets of 20-30 seconds, lightweight dumbbells. This one takes a little coordination, try without weights first to ensure your form is correct.
    • Superset with: Spider Planks: 4 sets of 20-30 seconds. Holy cow these ones are killer, had to cut filming short on this cause my arms were dying. Have fun 🙂

Hope you’re ready for this one! You may hate your life while doing it but you’ll be sooooo happy and sweaty afterwards you won’t regret it! It’s never too early to start prepping for bikini season, and when in Florida it’s bikini season all year round. Let me know if you enjoyed this workout and subscribe to get your daily Dose of Dana!


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