Labor Day Weekend

I know Labor Day Weekend is over, but just because it’s over doesn’t mean it should be forgotten! I spent my Labor Day Weekend, well actually just one day, in Downtown St. Pete with some friends. Let me tell you, we had a day! Despite it being overcast and at one point mildly raining we managed to hit all the spots we wanted that day.

Transportation: I personally did not Uber from Tampa to St. Pete but if you’re looking to get a little rowdier than I did, Uber is the best option. It’s not even that expensive! An Uber from Tampa to Downtown St. Pete will cost about $20-$25 each way, split between friends and that’s about $10 roundtrip per person!

Lunch: It all started with Lunch at the Avenue. They are a bar and burger joint famous in Downtown St. Pete specifically for their burgers. The second I walked in I realized this was not my first time here. Although I didn’t recognize the name and the place in daylight, I have been here previously and had a couple apps and drinks from their late night menu. This visit was my first time having one of their burgers, and let me tell you they give you something to talk about. My meal was the definition of a cheat meal and after working out 5+ days a week that week I sure as hell deserved it… Plus it’s a holiday weekend come on! I skipped on a drink but for food, I ordered the Rasta Monsta Burger with Cajun Fries. Wooooooo was it spicy but oh so worth it and insanely delicious. The burger came with thick cut peppered bacon, Jamaican jerk sauce, mango+pineapple chutney, and pepper jack cheese. It was spicy, sweet & savory, and incredibly juicy. Check out The Avenues Burgers and more of their funky menu items here!

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 5.42.42 PM
The Rasta Monsta



Bar: Park and Rec Downtown St Pete. A glorified, locally owned 10x cooler and trendier Dave & Busters. This place is sick. From an over the top drink menu with everything from every beer you can imagine to fun cocktails all on tap to giant outdoor beer pong this place is arcade heaven for adults. What’s better than spending your afternoon playing arcade games while drinking funky cocktails and semi watching some game on TV with your friends? Not much if you ask me. I was surprisingly way better at giant garbage can “beer pong” than I am at the traditional frat party game. Park and Rec also features games such as ski ball, cornhole, guitar hero, pool, and so much more that I can’t even list. Plus, it’s dog-friendly. So many places in Downtown St. Pete are dog-friendly which is awesome. I don’t even have a dog down here but any place that allows other people to bring their dogs for me to pet is a great place in my book. Check out their website here!

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Okay, so back to my favorite part about this place, the bar. I got one delicious light pink super girly drink called the Gin & Juicy but also had a couple sips of my friends drink “Purple Drank”. Both a little on the sweeter side but really yummy. Almost all of their cocktails and drinks from Titos Vodka to PBR are on tap it’s awesome. The Gin & Juicy is a mix of Gin, Watermelon, and Owens Ginger & Lime. Served light pink and delightfully sweet and sour adorned with a matching twisty straw.

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Gin & Juicy

The Purple Drank is not found on the standard drink menu. Instead, you can find a little sign hanging in various places across the bar with a black and white photo of Lil Wayne and “Purple Drank $8” written underneath. The cocktail comes in a styrofoam cup topped with a purple jolly rancher and a matching twisty straw. An ode to the OJ rappers favorite drink. Super grapey and a little sweeter than the Gin & Juicy, this one is delish but you can only have one before you feel like you’re gonna yak purple all over the floor. Overall, this bar was great, if you like endless beer and drink options, it’s even better. Park and Rec is a perfect place to spend a Sunday Funday or watch the game (not like I care about sports) while playing games. This was my first time here but it won’t be my last. I will definitely be going back!

Purple Drank

Explore: Arguably one of my favorite places in Florida or ever: Locale Market. This place is foodie HEAVEN. Downstairs is your traditional but insanely unique food market while upstairs is a delightful farm to table restaurant called FarmTable Kitchen. While I haven’t been to the restaurant yet, I sure as hell plan to get there some day *hint* *hint* to someone in particular that’s reading this…. The downstairs market has so many different departments. From a grill section for hot sandwiches and flatbreads fresh off the press to made in front of you sushi rolls to ice cream and acai bowls to a coffee and pastry bar. There’s everything you could ever dream of. Locale Market also has traditional departments that you would find in your typical grocery store like Fresh Seafood, Butchered Meats, Wine & Cheese, Candy, and other grocery items.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetBut, at Locale Market, everything is stocked with locally sourced and made foods and each department is covered with neon lights and funky signage. It can be a little pricey if you’re a broke college student like me; but, every once in a while you have to treat yourself to one of their decadent and scrumptious treats. Because I already ate my weight in burger and fries earlier, I opted for a Smores Tart (which I split with a friend) and passion fruit macaron. One word, heavenly. Check out more about Locale Market and the amazing things they make and do here! If you are in the area you need to check out Locale Market. They have fun events, seasonal food, and an overall awesome place to just walk around aimlessly while “oohing” and “aweing” at everything.

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So that was how I spent my Saturday of Labor Day Weekend. Awesome right? I can’t wait to keep exploring Tampa and the surrounding areas so that I can share them here with you guys. There are so many amazing locally owned places here and I’m going to try and visit as many as I can! I also want to share the cool outdoor adventures that I will be going on in my free time. With places like Devils Den, Weeki Wachee and more there are so many places to go and so much time to kill! JK I have so much homework already, but, I will be exploring Tampa don’t fret!

Stay updated and follow Dose of Dana for my next adventure and don’t forget to take your daily dose ;)!

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