Leg Day!

Obviously, my first post is from leg day!!! This is my first workout post but sadly my second to last (I had to go one last time today before I leave tomorrow) in my “home” gym for the next couple of months! I just want you all to know this is actually the workout I did the other day and LET ME TELL YOU I couldn’t walk until yesterday! I wanted to make sure that the first workout I share with you guys shows just how hard I like to go to the gym and if you can’t walk for the next 3 days then you did it right!

Side Note: I really have to get used to filming myself working out because right now it’s still a little weird for me. I feel like everyone is watching me and I’m already awkward enough! I like going to the gym alone because I find I can push myself more when I’m by myself rather than focusing on coordinating with another person. But now with this blog, I will be making my friends come with me so they can film me and I’ll pay them with free workout sessions in return!

For all of my fitness posts, I will be sharing suggested weights/weight ranges for each exercise. Emphasis on suggested because everyone is different and at different stages of how much they can lift when they work out. Typically you start out low when you first start lifting but if you keep working out you will be able to increase your weight/reps/sets every so often so that you keep seeing the results you want!

For this particular leg day and most of my leg day workouts I like to start with the heavy/harder workouts like squats or deadlifts first and go from there. That way I’m not dead at the end by the time I get to squats and can’t push myself as hard as I would have been able to if I started with them. There are some exceptions to this though. For example, I love doing hip thrusts at the end of a workout because it’s an isolated movement which is great to end with. Also, I love doing workouts in circuits or supersets. A lot of the time I am taking very brief rests in between each exercise so I can get the most of my workout. To indicate what I combine/superset I will write circuit 1, circuit 2, etc, before each of the exercise groupings so you know what to pair together and how many times to repeat the circuit. If you get confused just comment on my post!

Please find my the YouTube video of my leg workout here and follow along with the explanation of each exercise below so you can crush your next leg day!! Don’t mind my bad video skills I am still a beginner at this and will only be working to get better as I go along! I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to post this workout regardless of the black bars on the side (I’m too much of a perfectionist for my own good).

In video order:

Exercise 1:

  • Squats/deadlifts with “trap” bar: (see my video if you don’t know what I’m talking about. 5 sets of 8-15 reps. I increased by 5 pounds on each side after each set.  This is a heavier weight exercise so keep increasing until you capable or only increase once or twice. I suggest starting in a range of no additional weight to 10 pounds on each side and increasing incrementally from there.

Circuit 2: Repeat 4 times!

  • Lunge combo: Forward lunge->back lunge-> side lunge ->middle squat. 5-10 reps per leg. For this exercise, combo use a pre-weighted dumbbell. This is a light to medium weight exercise. This combo is intense and requires some coordination so I suggest 20-40 pound pre-weighted barbells but you can go lower or heavier depending on your skill level/training experience.
  • Superset: Good Mornings. Such a good hamstring/glute exercise and perfect to superset the lunge combo with because it takes the strain off your quads briefly. I used the exact same weight as I did in the lunge combo but you can use lighter or heavier. Make sure you push your hips all the way back and don’t hyperextend/lock your knees. Bend at the hip not with your back, form is everything for this exercise!!!

Exercise 3:

  • Split squats: You can use a bench, poly-box (used for box jumps) or stacked steps, anything that is the right height and available at the gym will work fine. 4 sets of 10 on each leg. This is a light to medium weight exercise which is why I superset it and will get you to really feel it in between the lunge combo exercise before. I suggest 5-15 pound dumbells in each hand if you are super setting it and you can always do more or less!

Circuit 4: Repeat 3 to 4 times!

  • Curtsy lunge and side lunge combo: 20 reps on each side with no weight or lightweight.
  • Deep squat and curtsy lunge combo: 15 on each side. I used a 10-pound dumbbell but any low weight is good for this one and you will feel it! 

Last but not least is stretching! Make sure to allow yourself ten minutes to completely stretch your legs and body. You are most flexible after you workout. It’s also important to lightly stretch at the beginning of a workout but save the mat time for after you workout and give yourself a good deep stretch. I will be posting my stretching routine at some point!

Enjoy and comment to let me know if you did this workout! Follow for maximum effect! #DailyDose



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