Welcome to Dose of Dana!

Hi guys! Welcome to my blog: Dose of Dana. This is your daily dose of food, fitness, fashion, and fun! As a recent graduate who lives 1000+ miles away from her family, I really needed a hobby. Apparently, online shopping and watching Food Network doesn’t count… The only problem is that I have so many passions it’s hard to pick just one. This blog encompasses my favorite things (besides animals) and by sharing this with you I hope to share that love. Introducing the four F’s in my life: food, fitness, fashion, and fun. Not including no f*cks given, frenemies, and feistiness ;)!

For those of you who know me and those who don’t (your loss!), I can write hours on end when it involves something I love. For Dose of Dana, I am ultimately looking to share with you bits and pieces of my world as I go through my journey in life. This is your guide for learning how to cook and eat great, look and dress amazing, and become your best you! I’m a foodie, fitness fanatic, and fashionista who loves to have fun and Dose of Dana is your one stop shop for all of that!

I can’t wait to start sharing with you guys the meals I make, workouts I do, clothes I buy and places I go. I’m here to share my passions with you while keeping you entertained and up to date on the latest food, fashion, and fitness trends. Follow Dose of Dana for everything you need to know about good eats, great workouts, fabulous fashion, and endless fun! I may not be a celebrity, but who cares, I’m Dana and this is my life!

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